Margie Lee Handley

handley-margieOccupation: manufacturing executive
Born: Bakersfield, California, September 29, 1939
Grad. High School, Willits, California
Lic. general engineering contractor.
Chairman board, 1993—
President, Harrah Industries, Inc., Willits, 1981—
President, Frank R. Howard Foundation
Vice president, Microphor, Inc., Willits, 1974-81
Owner, operator, Lovell’s Tack ‘n Togs, Yreka, California, 1970-73
Owner, operator, Shasta Pallet Co., Montague, 1969-70
Career Related:
General partner Madrone Professional Group, Willits, 1982—; president Hot Rocks, Inc., Willits, 1983-89; co-ptnr. Running Wild Ostriches, 1994—2009; board directors N-Tech, National Bank of the Redwoods, NBR Mortgage Co., Willits Electronics Assembly, Inc., Redwood Empire Bancorp.; active State of California Employment Training Panel, 1993-95, coordinator State California Timber Transition, 1994-95; appointed member State of California Economic Strategy Panel, 1995-2000, member Selective Service Systems, Local Board State of California, 2002-11.
Named Mendocino 12th District Fair Woman of the Year 1987, A Heart For Willits Vol. award, 2013.
Secretary Willits Community Scholarships, Inc., 1962; trustee Montague Methodist Church, 1966-73; secretary Montague PTA, 1969; clerk board trustees Montague School District, 1970-73; del. California State Conference Small Business, 1984; alternate del. Rep. National Convention, Kansas City, Detroit, 1976, 80; 3d district chairman Mendocino County Rep. Central Committee, 1978-84; member California State Rep. Central Committee, 1985—; Rep. nominee for State Senate California 2nd Senate District, 1990, 93; member Rep. Congl. Leadership Council, 1980-82; Mendocino County chairman Reagan/Bush, 1980, 84; Mendocino County co-chmn. Deukmejian for Governor, 1982; member Region IX Small Business Administration Adv. Council, 1982-93; member Gov.’s Adv. Council, 1983-90; Rep. nominee State Assembly 1st Assembly District; del., assistant sergeant of arms Rep. National Convention, Dallas, 1984, del., New Orleans, 1988, Houston, 1992, San Diego, 1996, Philadelphia, 2000, New York City, 2004; chairman Mendocino County Rep. Central Committee, 1985-2004; active California Transportation Commission, 1986-90; state director North Bay District Hwy. Grading and Heavy Engineering division, 1986, member California Small Business Roundtable, 1996-; director Lit. Vols. Am.; member California Small Business Roundtable; director Mendocino County Employer’s Council, 1999—2013, president, 2007-2011, director; North Coast reg. chair George W. Bush for President, 1999-2000; member California Rural Devel. Council, 1998—; state vice-chair Simon for Governor, 2001-02; chairman Mendocino County Scwarzenegger for Governor, 2006; state vol. chair Rudy Giuliani for President, member adv. board, North Valley Bank, 2010-2014, director Frank R. Memorial Hospital, 2014-, director Northern California Network, Adventist Health, 2014-; member Mental Health Advisory Board Mendocino County, 2015-.
Member No. Coast Builders Exchange, Soroptimist International, Willits C. of C. (hon.), Rotary (director 2001-2006, president 2004-05), Mendocino County (chair Meg Whitman governor).
Daughter of Robert E. and Jayne A. (Knoblock) Harrah; children: Steven Daniel Lovell, David Robert Lovell, Ronald Eugene Lovell; Married Leon C. Handley, Senior, October 28, 1975.
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