Dilano K. Saldin

Dilano Saldin

Dilano SaldinOccupation: Physicist; Educator
Born: Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 26, 1949

Research Fellow, Imperial College London (1981-1988)
Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, England (1976-1981)
PhD in Materials, University of Oxford (1975)
BA, University of Oxford (1971)

Distinguished Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1988-Present)
Chairman, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2002-2008)
Chairman, Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2000-2001)
Lecturer, Brasenose College, Oxford (1979-1981)

Creative Works:
Co-Author, “Algorithm for Reconstruction of 3D Images of Nanorice Particles from Diifraction Patterrns of Two Particles in Inpendependent Randomly Orientations with an X-Ray Laser,” Applied Sciences (2017); Co-Author, “Structure of Single Particles from Randomly Oriented Ensembles,” Applied Sciences (2017); Author, “Ghost Imaging with X-rays,” Physics (2016); Co-Author, “Simulations on Time-Resolved Structure Determination of Uncrystallized Biomolecules in the Presence of Shot Noise,” Structural Dynamics (2015); Co-Author, “Use of Triple Correlations for the Sign Determinations of Expansion Coecients of Symmetric Approximations to the Diraction Volumes of Regular Viruses,” Structural Dynamics (2015); Co-Author, “Enzyme Transient State Kinetics in Crystal and Solution from the Perspective of a Time-Resolved Crystallographer,” Structural Dynamics (2014); Co-Author, “Deducing Fast Electron Density Changes in Randomly Orientated Uncrystallized Biomolecules in a Pump-Probe Experiment,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (2014); Co-Author, “Fiber Diffraction without Fibers,” Physical Review Letters (2013); Co-Author, “Three-Dimensional Single-Particle Imaging using Angular Correlations from X-ray Laser Data,” Acta Crystallogrphica A (2013); Co-Author, “Extraction of Fast Changes in the Structure of a Disordered Ensemble of Photoexcited Biomolecules,” Advances in Condensed Matter Physics, Hindawi Publishing Corporation (2013); Co-Author, “Structure Determination of Disordered Ensembles of Identical Particles,” Synchrotron Radiation News (2013); Author, “Microscopy: Reconstructing the Third Dimension,” Nature (2012); Co-Author, “New Light on Disordered Ensembles: Ab-Initio Structure Determination of One Particle from Scattering Fluctuations of Many Copies,” Physical Review Letters, Physical Review Letters (2011); Co-Author, “Role of Hydrogen on the ZnO(000-1)-(1×1) Surface,” Physical Review B (2011); Co-Author, “Reconstruction of Icosahedral Images of the PR772 Virus from Experimeal Data of the LCLS’s Single Particle Initiative,” Acta Crstallographica; Co-Author, “Difference Structures from Time-Resolved Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)/Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS),” Physical Review Board; Editorial Board Member, Journal of Holography and Speckle; Contributor, Over 100 Articles, Professional Journals

Patents in atomic imaging

Grantee, U.S. Department of Energy (2001-Present); Grantee, National Science Foundation (1994-Present); Grantee, Petroleum Research Fund (1990-1994); Alice and Edith Hamer Major Scholarship, University of Manchester, England (1968); Honoree, Open Exhibition in Physics, University of Oxford

American Physical Society; National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Son of Hamlin Mesrur Saldin; Muzeena Saldin


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