Dr. C. Lange-Kuettner

Chris Lange-Kuettner

Chris Lange-KuettnerOccupation: Psychologist
Born: Bremen, Germany, March 28, 1957

Venia legendi für Psychologie, Habilitation an der Universität Bremen (2008)
Advanced Diploma in Professional Development, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, London Metropolitan University, UK (2000)
Post-doctorate Research Fellow, Cognitive Science Lab, Free University of Berlin (1993-1994)
PhD in Philosophy, Max Planck Institute of Human Development and Education, Free University of Berlin, Magna Cum Laude (1993)
Doctoral Coursework, Research Project “Individual Development and Social Structure,” Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Education, Berlin (1988-1992)
MPhi, Technical University of Berlin (1986)
Bachelor’s in Psychology, Technical University of Berlin (1986)
Intern, Observational Studies in the Anna Freud Kindergarten Case Report (1985)
Stipends Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Max Planck Society

Honorary Associate Professor, University of Nicosia (2014-Present)
Senior Lecturer, Psychology, London Metropolitan University, UK (1999-Present)
Visiting Professor of Developmental Psychology, Universität Konstanz (2009-2011)
Associate Faculty, Universität Bremen (2008-2015)
Lecturer, Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK (1994-1999)
Contract Work, Personality Test Evaluations, Psychotherapy Intervention Control, University Psychiatric Hospital of the Free University of Berlin (1984)
Editor, Newsletter, Wiesengrund Child Psychiatry, Humboldt Hospital Trust, Berlin (1982-1986)
Multi-Disciplinary Team, Day Clinic for Adult Psychiatry, Urban Hospital, Berlin (1982-1984)

Career Related:
Keynote Speaker, “Regression, Expression und Struktur,” Philipps-Universität Marburg (2017); Organizing Committee, OMICS Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress, London, UK (2016); Speaker, “Sticky Figures Attach Themselves to Places, but Eucledian Figures Gather in Frames,” Department of Psychology, Kingston University, UK (2015); Speaker, International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology (2014); Chair, 54thTEAP Conference, Vienna, Austria (2013); Speaker, “The Role of Infants’ Eye-Hand Coordination in Visual Field Perception, Universität Bremen (2011); Speaker, “Perspectives for Psychological Research,” Department of Psychology, Southbank University, UK (2010); Chair, XXIXth International Congress of Psychology, Berlin (2008); Chair, Fachgruppentagung Entwicklungspsychologie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Heidelberg (2007); Speaker, “The Benefits of Repetition: Spatial Learning of Objects and Places in Infants and Children,” Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Leuven, Belgium (2006); Speaker, “Spatial Learning of Objects and Places in Infants and Childre,” LEAD-CNRS, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France (2006); Speaker, “Development of Object, Place and Space Processing in Children,” Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK (2006); Speaker, “Children and Stroke,” Institute for Child Health, UK (2005); Chair, Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGP), Berlin, Germany (2002); Chair, European Science Foundation. European Research Conference, San Feliu, Spain (1998); Chair, Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society, Developmental Section, Lancaster, UK (1998)

Ad Hoc Reviewer for Acta Paediatrica, Assessment, Brain and Cognition, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, British Journal of Psychology, BMC Neuroscience, Child Development, Cognitive Development, Cognitive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology, European Journal of Developmental Psychology, European Journal of Developmental Science, Experimental Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology, Infant and Child Development, International Journal of Behavioral Development, Jornal de Pediatria, Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Lernen und Lernstörungen, Memory and Cognition, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Psychological Assessment, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, The Journal of Genetic Psychology, Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie

Creative Works:
Co-Author, “Entwicklung eines neuen kumulativen Mentalen Rotationstests” (2017); Author, “Sex Differences as a Statistical Variable,” A. Alvinius (2017); Contributor, “Gender Differences in Different Contexts,” Tech Open Press (2017); Co-Author, “Eyetracking of Words Changing Places,” Annual Conference of the Cognitive Section, British Psychological Society, Barcelona, Spain (2016); Co-Author, “Deterioration and Recovery in Verbal Recall: Building a Firewall Against Pro-Active Interference,” Annual Conference of the Cognitive Section, British Psychological Society, Barcelona, Spain (2016); Co-Author, “The Role of Children’s Conceptual Understanding and Ballgame Experience When Judging a Football Player’s Offside Position,” International Journal of Developmental Science (2016); Co-Author, “Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities” (2016); Co-Author, “Brain and Cognition” (2015); Co-Author, “When Words are Changing Places: Eyetracking Reveals Control Strategies,” 18th European Conference on Eye Movements, Vienna, Austria (2015); Co-Author, “Keeping it in Three Dimensions: Measuring the Development of Mental Rotation in Children with the Rotated Colour Cube Test,” International Journal of Developmental Science (2015); Co-Author, “Perceptual and Motor Skills” (2015); Co-Author, “Sequence Learning with Stochastic Feedback in a Cross-Culture Sample of Boys in the Autistic Spectrum,” Neurodevelopmental Seminar Series, University of Oxford (2015); Co-Author, “Frontiers in Psychology” (2015); Author, “Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual Systems” (2014); Author, “Plato’s Cave Children: Do Shadows Prevent Memory Deterioration,” 22nd European Society for Psychology and Philosophy, University of Messina, Italy (2014); Co-Author, “Personality and Visual Search,” 2nd International Workshop, Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst, Germany (2014); Author, “Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts” (2014); Co-Author, “Psychological Assessment” (2014); Co-Author, “Speech Preparation and Articulation Time in Bilinguals and Men,” International Journal of Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology (2013); Author, “Array Effects, Spatial Concepts, or Information Processing Speed: Which is the Crucial Variable for Place Learning,” Swiss Journal of Psychology (2013); Co-Author, “Girls in Detail, Boys in Shape,” British Journal of Psychology (2013); Author, “Is There Such a Thing as a Unique Place? Empty Places, Object-Place Binding and Array Effects in Location Memory Development” XVIth Conference of the European Association of Developmental Psychology, Lausanne, Switzerland (2013); Co-Author, “Bilingualism and Verbal Working Memory – Evidence from NBack and Cued Recall Tasks,” 54thTEAP Conference, Vienna, Austria (2013); Co-Author, “Measuring the Development of Mental Rotation in Children with the Rotated Colour Cube Test, TeaP Conference, Vienna, Austria (2013); Author, “The Importance of Reaction Times for Developmental Science: What a Difference Milliseconds Make,” International Journal of Developmental Science (2012); Co-Author, “Frontiers in Developmental Psychology” (2012); Co-Author, “Gender-Specific Contribution of a Visual Cognition Network to Reading Abilities,” British Journal of Psychology (2012); Co-Author, “Implicit Sequence Learning in Children” (2012); Author, “Development and Learning” (2011); Author, “Sex Differences in Visual Realism in Drawings of Animate and Inanimate Objects” (2011); Co-Author, “Drawing and the Non-Verbal Mind: A Life-Span Perspective,” Cambridge University (2011); Author, “Ready-Made and Self-Made Facilitation Effects of Arrays: Priming and Conceptualization in Children’s Visual Memory,” Swiss Journal of Psychology (2010); Author, “Gender-Specific Developmental Pathways for Boys and Girls: The Wertheimer Common-Region-Test can Predict Spatial Memory,” European Journal of Developmental Science (2010); Author, “Discrimination of Sea Bird Sounds vs. Garden Bird Songs: Do Scottish and German-Saxon Infants Show the Same Preferential Looking Behaviour as Adults,” European Journal of Developmental Psychology (2010); Co-Author, “Implicit Sequence Learning in Children,” 10th Conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science (2010); Co-Author, “Drill Works Better than Incidental Learning for Building a Word Representation Some Time – Effects of Gender and Bilingualism,” 3rd U.K. Cognitive Linguistics Conference, University of Hertfordshire, U.K. (2010); Author, “Dishabituation in an Action Context: Running Down/Habituation of Children’s IQ Through Repetitive Action and Relief from Habituation via Introduction of Novel Action Content” (2010); Author, “Habitual Size and Projective Size: The Logic of Spatial Systems in Children’s Drawings,” Developmental Psychology (2009); Co-Editor, “Drawing and the Non-Verbal Mind. A Life-Span Perspective” (2008); Author, “When One is Really Two: Switching from Object to Place Memory in the A-Not-B Search Task,” European Journal o

Grantee, British Council (1998); Habilitation Fellowship, Free University of Berlin (1993-1994); Who’s Who, Berkeley Heights, NJ; Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK

Scientific Board, Frontiers in Psychology: Developmental Psychology (2015-Present); Foreign Affiliate, American Psychological Association (2012-Present); Editorial Board, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (2010-Present); Editorial Board, International Journal of Developmental Science (2008-Present); Deutsche Gesellschaft Psychologie (2002-Present); Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2000-Present); Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society (1997-Present); European Association for Developmental Psychology (1996-Present); New York Academy of Sciences; Chartered Psychologist

Political Affiliation:
Labour Party


Daughter of Guenther W.E. Lange; Hildegard E. Lange
Married to Enno H.G.G. Kuettner
Children: Karl Maximilian; Zora Margarete

Golf; Pilates; Shares


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