James M. Urnes Sr., Aerospace Engineer

James Urnes

James UrnesOccupation: Aerospace Engineer
Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 13, 1936

MS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Minnesota (1961)
BS, University of Minnesota (1959)
Coursework, St. Olaf College (1954-1956)

Manager of Engineering, The Boeing Company, (1997-Present)
Program Manager, Intelligent Flight Control System, Boeing Phantom Works, (1996-Present)
Branch Chief, McDonnell Douglas Company (1981-1997)
Senior Engineer, McDonnell Douglas Co., St. Louis, MN (1968-1981)
Engineer, McDonnell Aircraft Company, St. Louis, MN (1964-1968)

Career Related:
Engineer, Space Shuttles

First Lieutenant, Headquarters, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, U.S. Air Force, Wiesbaden, Germany (1963-1964); First Lieutenant, 43rd Bomb Wing, U.S. Air Force, Fort Worth, TX (1961-1963); Maintenance Officer, Special Weapons Officer, U.S. Air Force

Creative Works:
Designer, Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap to Reduce Drag on Commercial Aircraft (2010-2014); Inventor, Neural Network Fault Diagnostics, Patent (1999); Designer, Flight Test on NASA Research F-15 (1998); Designer, Propulsion Controlled Aircraft Flight Test for F-15 and MD-11 (1994); Designer, Damage Adaptive Control Flight Test (1991); Designer, Flight Control F/A-18 Flight Control System (1980); Designer, Flight Control F-4 Automatic Carrier Landing (1976)

Designed flight control support for F-4, space shuttles and F/A-18 aircraft; Developed automatic carrier landing systems for F-4 and F/A-18 aircraft; Designed improved control for the F/A-18 approach power compensation system autothrottle; Directed development of the variable camber trailing edge flap system to reduce drag on Commercial aircraft; Developed first program to purposely fly a seriously damaged high performance aircraft with a partially missing horizontal stabilizer, configured with a damage detection and recovery flight control system on a NASA test F-15 aircraft; Developed a thrust control program that will permit the pilot of a damaged aircraft that has experienced completely failed conventional control to be controlled to a safe landing using only thrust changes, flight demonstrated on F-15 and MD-11 test aircraft; Developed flight control diagnostics programs to accurately detect faults and thus improve and reduce cost to support the aircraft; First to test fly on a F-15 an intelligent flight control system using neural network technology that will identify and then correct for unforeseen changes that can seriously affect the flying qualities of the aircraft; Directed support to North American Aviation on developing and testing the flight control system for space shuttles; Directed support to Grumman on development of the shuttle trainer aircraft later used to train astronauts to land the space shuttle

Recipient, Numerous Research Project Awards, The Boeing Company

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; SAE International; Sigma Gamma Tau, Honorary Engineering Society at the University of Minnesota

Son of Ambjourn M. Urnes; Cora J. Edming
Married Lois C. Urnes (8/22/1959)
Children: Mark; Eric; James Jr.; Paul; Joel

Gardening; Building model airplanes


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