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Margaret Moultry Munnerlyn

Occupation: Author & Holistic Herbalist

High School Diploma

Certificate, Albert Merrill School (1977); Certificate, The Lafayette Academy (1973)

Holistic Herbalist
Director, Translator, Researcher, Play about Puerto Rican Culture (1987)
Reading Tutor for College Students (1975-1976)
Reading Tutor for Grade School Students (1974-1975)

She wrote a chapter in one of her books about her 37-year-old daughter, who is mentally challenged. She feels that everyone has a gift, but to be able to share one’s gift with others is a blessing. Her works are featured on Ms. Munnerlyn has dedicated her life doing pro bono holistic medicine and sharing her knowledge with hundreds of people. She has healed and changed people’s lives.

Recipient, Editors Choice Award (2006, 2004, 2003); Recipient, Poetry Ambassador Award (2006); Recipient, Award for Exemplary Performance (1985); Recognition, International Who’s Who in Poetry

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