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Lynn A. Lovechio, LPN

Occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse
Born: Springfield, Massachusetts

Licensed Practical Nurse, Western Massachusetts Hospital

Acute Care and Long Term Care Nurse, Local Skilled Nursing Facilities (1993-Present)
Licensed Practical Nurse, Minimum Data Set Chart (MDSC) Reviewer
Quality Improvement Nurse
Infection Control Preventionist
Wound Care Nurse, Long-Term Care (30 Years)
Past Owner and Operator, Compassionate Care (9 Years)
Home Care Nurse
Pediatric Care Nurse

Past Volunteer Wound Care Consultant

Obtained patent for a medical device for offloading heel wounds (2014); Developed and instituting a new positioning program

Married: Christopher (45 Years)
Children: Brianna; Mario; Anthony
Two Grandchildren
Five Siblings

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