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Cecilia B. Calderon, MD

Occupation: Family Medicine Practitioner and Pathologist

Medical Doctor, Boston University (1970)
Residency, Georgetown University
Residency in Pathology, Heidelberg University
Pathology Board Certification

Family Medicine Practitioner and Pathologist, Calderon Medical Clinic, VA (1984-Present)
Assistant Pathology Professor, Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Philadelphia, pa (1973-1975)
Doctor, VA Hospital, Baltimore City, MD (1970)
Military Doctor
Teaching Fellow, Pathology, Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Career Related:
Composer (Nature/Liturgical Music); Pianist

Founder, The Calderon Christian Charities for Needy Children; Participant, Charitable Work; Participant, Catholic Mission Work;

Creative Works:
Composer, Liturgical Music; Pianist; Musician, Record, DVD, Composition

Initiated the use of ultrasound in the detection of mammary tumors, while at Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital as an assistant professor of pathology in collaboration with the RCA Laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey (1973-1975); In addition, Pope Benedict 16th sent her a letter and she was never expected to receive the letter. So, now she is pursuing a project to stop discrimination of diagnostic ultrasound while the baby is growing having a direct effect on the baby affecting the behavior of the fetus as it grows up. Also, it is increasing autism. So, she is doing a project that was started in 1975 to the present day, but that is why the current generation is very restless, so it is a project that has been verified by other doctors and scientists. However, it is against the big corporations with the ultrasound, but it is her project. So, there is no funding, but she is trying to get private donors like mothers to stop the rise in autism, and it is a big project. She is aware that she may be crushed because her colleagues and big corporations will not like it, and she has no backing except the people she approaches, and she feels she is up against a hard brick but persistent; Featured in Millennium Magazine; Her composition was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Member, Philippine American Association of Physicians; Member, College of American Pathologists

Hobbies: Hobbies:
Playing the piano; Sewing; Designing dresses; Inventing things; Planting and growing things (fruits, flowers)

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