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Since 1899, Marquis Who’s Who has remained the standard for reliable and comprehensive biographical data. Each year, we strive to continue the tradition established by our founder, Albert Nelson Marquis, more than 115 years ago with the first publication of Who’s Who in America.

The family of Marquis Who’s Who publications presents unmatched coverage of the lives of today’s leaders and achievers from both the United States and around the world, and from every significant field of endeavor. Librarians, students, researchers, corporate executives, journalists, personnel recruiters, and many others rely on Marquis Who’s Who every day for in-depth biographical information they can use with confidence.

As the needs of our listees have evolved, we have strived to develop new and more convenient ways of providing access to biographical data while maintaining quality. While we continue the time-honored tradition of publishing our family of print publications, we are excited to introduce Marquis’ Industry Experts, a powerful Web-based tool that provides public access to the most prominent biographical profiles contained within our database. We feel strongly that involvement in this prestigious network allows our listees to achieve goals for establishing, enhancing and fortifying their online brands, and showcasing their notable backgrounds and accomplishments.

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